Discover the world of 'Tapis Noir'

Our beloved silk scarves

The for it’s known and celebrated silk scarves brand 'Tapes Noir' was founded in Denmark in 2020 by Mads Let Kruse.

With Mads Let Kruse himself being the creative director of the brand, he enriches the Brand through his passion in interiors and antique textiles.
Tapis Noir values small-scale production of classic pieces that live outside of the seasonal fashion system.

The fine silk scarves are made of high quality hand-stitched silk twill and crepe de chine - Focusing on and working with craftsmen manufacturers that specialize in silk scarves - The brand gets its inspirations for their modern and colorful designs from across all sorts of continents and different cultures.

We deeply connect to and celebrate Tapis Noir' careful and purposeful way of craftsmanship. We want to support and engage to its approach of small scale production to highlight the importance of dedicating production and garments themselves a much higher value.

What are our favorites ways to incorporate the beloved silk scarves into our essential Everyday outfits?
Personally we love to use a Tapis Noir scarve to complete a simple but sophisticated neutral look by tying it around our neck - easily adding a little color and spice into an all black outfit for example. - By adding Tapis Noir silk pieces into your favorite every day clothing and Looks, you easily can change and add more variety into your outfits.

- Making conscious dressing effortless and fun -

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