Get to know us - An Interview-

Motra (sister in Albanian) is a project imagined by Pranvera and Arta Muja, who share a common and outstanding love for refined and timeless aesthetics, spanning fashion, art and design.
As a former Model and advocate for Interior Design Arta and the Visual Merchandiser Pranvera Muja, both always felt the need to create something special. Together they created a style universe that offers timeless ready-to-wear for women and men in search of distinct looks, impeccable cuts and uncompromising quality.
Get to know and connect further with the founders and sisters through this small, casual and intimate Interview:
If I weren’t doing what I do,
Pranvera:„I would be a private chef, preparing and cooking special mediterranean dishes for private gatherings. Preferably also located in the mediterranean environment and setting. I’ve always loved hosting dinners for friends, creating a cozy atmosphere and bringing people together.“
Arta: „I’d be an Interior Designer. Since I do have some interior profession experiences from my time abroad in LA, I would have definitely followed that path of interior design. But honestly I could also see myself as a mum who is working part- time and taking care of home, kids and family. Staying at home, focusing on Family and taking a small step back from business would be something I wouldn’t have a problem with.“
How would you describe yourself within 3 words?
Pranvera: „Creative, Determined and Loving.“
Arta: „I would describe myself as really spontaneous, eager to learn and funny.“


What’s your favorite food?
Arta: „That’s easy. I love pizza, pasta and tuna tartar.“
Pranvera: „I’m a big fan of all sorts of veggies. Simple, organic and vegetarian foods are my go to choices. So, you can definitely find and see me eating out a lot at local, Farm to table Restaurants that serve fresh Farm to table foods and dishes.“
Who is the typical ‘Motra Woman’?
Pranvera: „A woman who stands for a timeless aesthetic. She has an effortless chic appearance and embraces timeless and minimalistic fashion. Her wardrobe is very pure, discrete and consists only out of a few but very concisely selected items. Regarding her character, I surely would describe her as strong.“
Arta: „Yes! Strong, brave and honest. Quality as well as Loyalty are one of her main principles. She stands by her values, to herself and is proud of sticking to what feels right and good. What’s also important to say is that she is not perfect. Not at all. She is feminine, strong in her character and relatable.“
If you’re going into a Bar, what cocktail are you ordering?
Arta: „I love a good old Espresso Martini.“
Pranvera: „A Gin Basil Smash is my Go-to.“


Is there a woman who you look up to and a woman who you feel evokes the brand and its values?
Arta: „Our Grandma!"
(Arta and Pranvera are both looking at each other and laughing)
Arta: „Particularly not related to her fashion knowledge or personal style but what I guess we both really do admire, is her very very strong character. If she wanted something, she did get it and she made it happen for herself. No matter who or what was standing in the way. If she had a vision, she realized it and made it happen. She was such a warrior and fully embraced that energy!“
Pranvera: „Regarding fashion, my sister and I do look up to the Olsen Twins. We really do see them as role models and inspirations speaking of their way of embracing fashion and career. I feel that they both evoke the brand Motra, as well as it’s values. We are obsessed with their attitude and how effortless they seem! For me, they embody absolute authenticity and coolness."
What signifies and means ‘fashion’ to you?
Arta: "A fashionable person for example, is someone who stands up for what she likes. Someone who does not care about what others think about them and who dresses as she wills to do.“
Pranvera: „Fashion for me signifies simplicity, leisure and minimalism. Less is more!"


What would you say to and advice your 15 year old self?
Pranvera: „Do what inspires you and go for that what you really want and desire! Who cares what others think and do?! Do your thing!“
Arta: „Well, that’s funny. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to say anything to my 15 year old self. I feel like everything that felt right at that time, was exactly right as it was. If I would have to give her advice, I would simply say: Keep doing what you are doing! You are exactly where you need to be and keep on trying. Try and error, try and error! That’s life and you are doing great Arta!

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