An outfit is based on four qualities: the color, the quality, the texture and the silhouette. Of all these qualities, the silhouette is the one that can shape and change an outfit the most.
Together with the color, it is usually decisive for the impression of the outfit and the most important for the appearance of oneself.
The silhouette with the greatest expertise is without question the classic coat. In any variant Whether fitted or mushroom cut, the classic coat silhouette exudes an elegance that remains present to everyone and leaves an indescribable impression. It is one of, if not the best silhouette for autumn
Usually, it is traditionally worn with wide legs and or boots to achieve a perfect look. You can change the silhouette in the version that suits you best. To complete the outfit, you can add some details with scarves or sunglasses/shades as you prefer.
The silhouette of the coat is perfect and has been worn and changed for centuries. The style variations of the coat have been heavily influenced by high fashion and are still evolving. So it remains timeless and modern at the same time.



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