The Garment, what it’s all about?

What is the Garment?

The garment was founded in 2020 by Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen. Both function as co-founders and co-creative directors, so that they have an equal impact on the brand. 

Their acute attention to timeless design has created the foundation for The Garment, which is visually curated by the monochrome universe of Sophia Roe and the design heritage of Charlotte Eskildsen.


The goal

The Garment has a seasonless approach to creating quality garments. The singular aesthetic and minimalistic approach to design comes from a vision to create garments for the woman, who has an urge for building a wardrobe with timeless and personal content, which she can keep and re-style throughout many seasons.


The Garment, furthermore, has roots in Copenhagen which has inspired the singular aesthetic and minimalistic approach to design. The Garment care for quality, sustainable natural sourced, and recycled materials.



The Garment shares a passion for minimalism and quality, for them, sustainability is about owning less by buying right. They care for quality and sustainably sourced natural and recycled fabrics. Also, their collections are Co2 compensated in partnership with Norweigan climate company Choose.



They work with a beautiful design language and have talent for detailing and timeless cuts, which are almost perfect. In general, it can be said that The Garment is an exemplary brand that has created a very healthy relationship with its work.

That is why we decided to work with The Garment and included it in our range of timeless clothing. 


See the whole The Garment collection here:

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