Who is House of Dagmar?


With its headquarters in Stockholm the Swedish fashion label House of Dagmar was founded by the three sisters Karin Söderlin, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstamm with the aim of creating high quality and timeless fashion.

From its formation in 2005, House of Dagmar stands for sustainable and contemporary designs, which are designed to last and be worn for a long time. The fashion label is engaged with and committed to the welfare of animals, people and the environment, which are said to be the three founding pillars of the brand. 

What about ‘Dagmar’?

The name of the label, Dagmar, is meant to remind of the grandmother of the three sisters, who worked professionally as a seamstress and had a special flair for craftsmanship and design. 

The fashion label is known for encouraging customers arranging a sustainable "Capsule Wardrobe". ‘A minimalist wardrobe consisting of few but essential timeless items’. 

Based on House of Dagmar's demonstration of continuous efforts to make its collections and corporate structure more sustainable, as well as its commitment to remove non-sustainable textiles from its assortment and replace them with more environmentally friendly materials, the jury of six members awarded House of Dagmar the first Zalando Sustainability Award in 2021.

The Sustainability Award, designed by Zalando, has been awarded regularly at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It aims to motivate and alert fashion labels to question themselves and their ongoing systems under which the business operates, and to make them more sustainable and innovative. 

We are proud to run and ultimately work with the strong conscious Swedish Label, that not only suits our timeless and minimalistic design principles and overall aesthetic, but also adds up to our values and purpose of contributing to a more conscious and sustainable fashion industry and selected but more meaningful relationship to one’s wardrobe.

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