Fashion and how it can affect you?


Clothing can influence you. You don’t believe me? Understandable. It is definitely a topic that is rarely dealt with, but more and more  people are paying attention to it.

Nowadays, fashion is a topic that fascinates a big part o f the world and it affects each of us.


Each one of us is influenced by the clothes he is wearing. It not only affects you, it affects everybody around you. If you have a certain appearance, you will be treated accordingly.

You are able to change your appearance by changing your style. With a change of appearance, you change your effect on others and their behaviour towards you. That can improve or increase your self-confidence and charisma. It is a very good way you can improve lags of confidence or even motivation. If you dress in a certain style, it can directly affect your behaviour. Not only by the acting of others, but also with the simple feeling of being safe or just being well in your style. 

An important point to mention is definitely the negative influences that an outfit can have on others. Sadly, clothes are often used as a status symbol or as an advertising space for non-society comments. You can let fashion speak for itself and also bring a message to it. Nevertheless, you should be very careful which stands do you represent with your fashion.


You should fundamentally pay attention to your relationship with fashion and design your wardrobe the way you want to be perceived. Pay attention to your environment and don’t create your looks at the expense of others.

You can pay more attention to how other people dress and how they may behave in other clothes. The differences would surprise you.



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