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Learn more about Oftt’s sustainable wardrobe and collection
Compatible to Motra’s aim and purpose to provide customers with a conscious, timeless and long-lasting wardrobe, the Berlin-based sustainable fashion brand founded by Ashley Marc Hovelle strives to provide a sustainable collection of ten wardrobe staples, aiming to save you time each day, so you’re free to focus on what’s important to you, with clothes you wear often.
The brand Oftt practices design with lasting quality at its right price. Furthermore their collection focuses on fit and fabric and ranges from T-shirts to Overcoats as their decades of fashion industry experience enable them to refine, source and develop the finest products.
Each product is made with sustainable fabrics and manufacturing techniques, focusing on mindful consumption, moderate production, and conscious design, so that each essential item has several lifespans ahead.
Additionally, Oftt works with GOTS certified factories and aims to use less water consumption, prioritizes the use of natural dyes, and environmentally friendly production techniques.
All collections manufactured within Europe, in Portugal and Germany, ensure that the best earth conscious approaches are delivered.
We are proud to grant our picked essential and high quality Oftt fashion pieces in that we openly trust.
Thereby, Motra provides another great thoughtful pre hand-picked clothing selection of the Berlin-based sustainable Brand.
By thoroughly suiting our brand and overall human values and purpose, we are proud and assured to work with Offt’s clothing pieces and to spread a common meaningful message towards the global fashion industry.
- Creating an impactful change in today’s fashion -

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