Quality vs. Quantity

Quality defined 
The term quality is defined by the standard of something compared to another. Whichever one has the higher excellence is said to have the higher quality. This can also be chosen by longevity. 
Quantity defined 
The amount or number of a material or abstract thing, often connected with the mindset „the more, the better“ in fast fashion. It’s also common that Quality is often neglected in term to increase Quantity. 
Why are these terms important for us? To me, they basically define the fashion world. It’s almost like you have to choose between them and decide which one of them is more important to you. However, most opinions are restricted by the price. I think the problem is that most people would like to buy the clothes which have the evident better quality, but it’s simply the price that stops them and is the killing argument to them. Through this, they fall into the endless fashion cycle. I think if you find yourself in this cycle, you end up spending more money repurchasing the same items over and over again, because they lose quality over time instead of investing in one high quality item, which lasts you longer overall. 


This above explained cycle is the existence of fast fashion. Without it, fast fashion would not survive over this period of time. People are greedy for new clothes. Because of this they can experiment with their style but still follow the given trends, which tend to switch every few weeks. It’s nice for the consumer always being able to follow the latest trends, but at what costs? What is being left behind and most important what happens with the old trends? With the clothes that once were the must have and now are boring piece of fabric in the last corner of the closet. If it’s even still there at all, because if we’re honest: Don’t are all love the feeling of a clean, organized closet with just the things we are wearing in this season. But did we ever spend a second thought of where these thrown away clothes land after the used clothing container? I doubt it. 
The not very surprising truth is, that in the past 15 years, global clothing production has doubled, and we are buying more low-quality items and using them 40% less. We throw fashion away: 3 out of 5 fast fashion items end up in landfill. Ghana knows what we are talking about, 15 million items arrive there from the global north every week. They get showered with the things we no longer want. (Vestaire) 


Now you are probably thinking “what makes us different?”. It’s that our focus is not set on Quantity like most fast fashion brands, it is set on Quality. We don’t care that much about how much we sell, the difference is made even if we sell just one piece, because this means, that we helped breaking the cycle for one person. Producing fashion that lives a long life and accompanies you through all the different stages in life is how we change the way, people consume fashion. We encourage people to buy better quality items because fashion should last forever. It’s the simplicity of a discreet, high-quality and timeless look. To show you an example, I am going to compare a low-quality sweater to a high-quality sweater. On first sight it might not seem like there is a big difference but on second sight you are going to understand the contrast. 


I think in the end everyone should ask themselves the question if when we throw fashion away, why can’t we just throw fast fashion away? 



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