Usability of fashion

What is useability in fashion?
Useability is a word in fashion that is used in various ways. That's why it also has a wide range of meanings, depending on the context. When you talk to a person from the fashion industry, the topic of useability of fashion usually comes up. But what does that actually mean?
Sustainable use of fashion


The basic meaning useability in fashion, in most conversations, is the sustainable wearing and the trend cycle of fashion.
In addition, the word often includes the use of fashion as a medium for creative expression. 
Unfortunately, the majority of fashion is worn little today, thanks to the ever faster developing trend cycle. 18 percent of clothing is worn only twice at all, 20 percent less often than once a quarter (Info Greenpeace). But what can be done about it?


One solution is to try to detach yourself from trends. Of course, following trends can also help you find your personal style, but you support fast consumption and risk not treating your clothes sustainably. You can continue to observe trends from outside the cycle and repeatedly add parts to your personal style and build up your timeless wardrobe. It is important to note that you really buy the clothes carefully and pay attention to the sustainability of the product when, or preferably before buying, and consider how to wear and combine it (see text 3). There are several approaches to make your wardrobe timeless; you can specialise in a cut that flatters your silhouette. Or you can make yourself can make yourself changeable and build your wardrobe on a selection of differently combinable approaches to silhouettes.
The specialized wearing of a style and silhouette is the most sustainable in terms of approach, but requires that you are safe in this style and want to embody it for your life.
The universal wearing of several silhouettes and the varying between several styles is less sustainable in principle, but it has a higher creative approach and more freedom.
To find his way, the versatile use of your clothes is basically the best approach to further develop in fashion and find your style.


Combination techniques: for sustainable use of your wardrobe
Above all, it should be said that every good outfit is based on the basics of fashion:
•Silhouette, Silhouette
•Quality of materials
These three basic criteria must always be taken into account when compiling an outfit.


When combining an outfit, there are also several approaches. Depending on the purpose of use, the combination technique changes.
The better your wardrobe is structured, the more possibilities you have to put together an outfit. The principle of quantity does not apply. If you have good basics in your wardrobe, you can combine more freely and in higher quality. Of course, it is an advantage if the clothes are based on one style, but also a wardrobe based on several styles is mostly completely useable. With such a wardrobe, it is more common for styles to cross. A lot of creativity and skill is required, but you probably also have the highest potential to develop quickly.
Conclusion to use fashion as a healthy medium
Basically, you should pay attention to your handling of fashion and rely on shops that promote the sustainability of your clothes in the basic criteria. The goal of Motra is to promote the sustainability of fashion and to make a part of your timeless wardrobe. We hope this text helps you in your endeavour and takes you further.

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