Who is Saks Potts?

Saks Potts was founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts. They began their journey in the fashion world with a small collection consisting of wild different coloured variants of one coat. The product was based on the classic design of the Russian princess coat, but with the twist of colourful, diverse selection and high quality.
Initially, they only sold online and in small individual businesses in the area. But after a short time, Sarah Andelman, the founder and creative director of the Parisian label Colette, contacted them. She purchased parts of her collection and started selling them in the stores. Large retailers from the USA, the United Kingdom and South Korea quickly followed suit. Saks Potts grew quickly and many celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez became aware of the brand in 2015, just under a year after its foundation. They wore the Foxy coat in different colours for several events. Nowadays you can see celebrities like Kendall Jenner or North West with various looks from Saks Potts. They officially made it to the high league of fashion.
Why Saks Potts?
It is understandable why we are asked this question so often? We chose Saks Potts because of her diverse style.
It is unique in its own way, but can be used and styled universally. When customers ask which style Saks Potts belongs to, you always have to reinvent yourself. I would describe it as experimental classic fashion.
Although we have our own different style, we have decided to include Saks Potts in our range.
Most of the products are based on classic designs, but always get their own touch, which makes them truly unique. Often it is a bright colour, or a special use of a certain material. Nevertheless, they often remain almost timeless in their way.
This point was decisive for us in the choice of Saks Potts. That is the reason why we choose and fell in love with this brand.

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